Zenith Homes

Improving home improvements

We all remember the annoying double-glazing advert “I said you buy one, you get one free! I said you buy one, you get one free!”. But what some people struggle with, is visualising how your home would look with new windows and doors.

Do you choose the white frames or the brown frames? Do you have a black classic front door or a blue contemporary one? This was the challenge we helped Zenith and their customers overcome through the Select & Spec app. 

The app enables users to take a picture of the outside of their house and overlay a multitude of windows and doors, which ultimately confirms or denies what they saw with their minds eye. They can save and create multiple versions which helps them make the right choice in the long term.

In addition we also digitized Zenith’s sales collateral into a single swipe interactive presenter that includes videos and an energy bill cost calculator. 

Overall the app provides a combination of style and function for Zenith and their customers.