Tax returns

in a flash!

Tax returns are neither fun nor easy. It can be a minefield trying to decide which allowances you can claim for and which you can’t.

And if you don’t submit your return on time you get landed with a big fine that can increase dramatically the more you delay payment. What business people really need is a quick, efficient and accurate way of submitting their self assessment tax returns to HMRC, at minimal cost.

Available for smartphones and tablets, Zaptax provides everything you need in a powerful Android or Apple app. With it’s striking app design and simple step by step processes, ZapTax guides you through your tax return, explaining everything in plain English - meaning self-assessments are completed quicker than ever.

But whilst simplicity and speed are key, so is security. As one of the only apps to be officially recognised by HMRC, we integrated the highest levels of security to encrypt the data of the app’s submissions. 

As a result, it’s no wonder that Zaptax is rescuing many self-employed individuals who used to put off doing their tax returns.