The Pointless Book Bumper App

A bumper experience

That cranks up the fun

Alfie Deyes a.k.a @PointlessBlog is a prominent YouTube Vlogger and number one bestselling author of The Pointless Book, and its highly anticipated sequel; The Pointless Book 2. With all the humour and quirkiness of Alfie's YouTube channels, his books are also packed with a host of games, pranks and jokes…hashtag lol!

With the help of the clever clogs at Oakley Mobile, The Pointless Book and The Pointless Book 2 are now accompanied by a free downloadable ‘bumper’ app where fans can interact with Alfie and his books in a whole new way. But this isn’t just an augmented reality book that reveals videos - oh no! The madness ranges from exercises and activities including designing your own trainers and a takeaway coffee cup - OMG! Both of which are modelled in 3D and magically show the users unique designs too. The Pointless Selfie Booth allows fans to have their photo with Alfie and then share with jealous friends. And if all of that wasn’t enough, with a single shake of the app, the Pointless Magic 8 Ball is the answer to fan’s burning questions.

A social media celebrity with over 3.6 million subscribers, averaging 5 million views per month, 2.1 million Twitter and Instagram followers, and in excess of 1 million Facebook likes, expectations are high. It was a no brainer that Alfie’s books and app should contain a wealth of multimedia content. 

This fantastic and free companion app brings the Pointless Books to life, allowing readers to crank up the fun, maximise their experience and get closer to the books author Alfie Deyes.

In our opinion The Pointless Bumper App is yet another example of how the digital and printed worlds can co-exist…hashtag awesome!