KSI is an English video game commentator, comedian and rapper who loves FIFA football games and vloggs his experiences and opinons from the comfort of his bedroom. Having gained over 10 million subscribers to his YouTube channel, as with any of his releases, expectations are high. With an impending release date for his debut book, KSI and his publisher were looking for something to enhance the relationship between reader and author.  

We collaborated with KSI and his editorial and marketing team to devise an app that would generate exclusive augmented reality video content within the book. Given that most of his followers are fans of FIFA, it seemed only natural that we produce a football based video game. We suggested a keepy-uppy style game where the user would control KSI as he knocks a ball about in his bedroom. In keeping with the contentious book title we named the game 'Keep It Up Bellend'.

Moving left or right to kick, knee or head the ball, the idea of the game(if you hadn’t already guessed) is to score as many keepy-uppy’s as you can, competing against friends to see who can score the highest. We used puppet style animation and a selection of mug-shots to bring the character to life with comedic sound clips to get a few laughs. When the ball drops, it triggers a breakage animation in the room and you are met with a personal insult from none other than KSI. All these elements make this simple game extremely addictive and fun to play regardless of whether you are interested in football or not.

In addition to the game and augmented reality content, users are also able to buy the book from within the app or read a chapter for free if they are curious. The app itself has been designed on-brand, in keeping with the look and feel of the book release. We have animated screen transitions to liven up the user interface and included social media links so that people can 'like' the app and share it with their friends.

Coming soon: Professor Green's companion book app