Facility management contractors still use the trusty pen and paper method (occasionally accompanied by a digital camera) to record on-site snags and build quality issues.

It’s hard work at the time, and then again back at their desks. With the iSiteGo web portal and suite of mobile applications, it’s a lot easier.

Fast and flexible.
Seamlessly integrating with iSite’s existing infrastructure, we created a secure web portal to enable fast data retrieval for on-site users. The responsive web development also means the content intelligently adapts to suit the user’s device – mobile, tablet or laptop.

With photo annotation and digital signature features, the native apps we created let users retrieve, record and approve on-site snags. In trials, the apps were significantly quicker than pen and paper – so there’s a bonus for the environment too.

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"Oakley Mobile far outstripped our expectations! As clichéd as it sounds they really do go that extra mile to ensure your projects are a success. "

Jon Ellis
Product Manager, iSite