ISG Explore

Revolutionising architecture

with 360º technology

ISG, the international constructors behind some of the world’s most impressive architecture (including the London 2012 Olympic Park) approached us to showcase one of their latest projects - The Digital Catapult Centre in London’s King Cross. 

The Digital Catapult Centre is a collaboration space for technologists and creatives from business and academia to develop new ideas and showcase their products to the world. In partnership with the Government’s Innovate UK organisation, the centre plays a key role in putting digital innovation at the heart of economic growth in the UK. Therefore it was vital that the mobile technology reflected the state of the art facility. 

After our first visit we realised that a typical showcase app would not do the impressive centre the justice it clearly deserves. Instead, we wanted to transport the user into it’s core and thus provide an immersive experience  as if they were there in person. This was clearly a project for our 360º videography tech ‘Vorbit’.

Following extensive planning, we deployed our 360º film crew and set out to create a dynamic ‘Tour & Explore’ experience. The journey starts on the app’s home screen where we utilised the client’s architectural blue prints. This dynamic 3D user interface enables virtual visitors to select a floor, and then choose a 360º video tour or cherry pick specific zones to explore. 

Our gyroscopic-based technology lets users can freely change their perspective in real time simply by moving their device around. Whilst capitalising on stunning views reaching as far as Wembley and ArcelorMittal Orbit in Stratford, the 360º videography captures the intricacies of the centre’s interior details, such as LED lighting and exposed networking looms.

Interactive hotspots within the 360º images let users teleport between locations whilst detailing further information behind the centre’s architectural feats; the rotating video wall, modular collaboration spaces and steampunk-influenced staircase.

Following the app launch, the 360º experience was published to the web which provides the same immersive functionality across desktop browsers too.

View the following video (using Google Chrome's web browser) to watch the 360º now!