Internet World

Guaranteeing a full house

…before the event

Most events showcase their keynote speaker with a session synopsis on the website. With the power of Augmented Reality, Internet World 2013 was different.

Two weeks before the expo, delegates received an Augmented Reality trigger along with their delegate pass. The trigger being the front cover of keynote speaker Kate Russell's new book.

When viewed through the event's augmented reality app, the author and BBC technology reporter stood on top of her new book and delivered an exclusive two minute preview of her keynote session. 

Behind the scenes, we filmed Kate Russell using Hollywood green screen techniques and combined the latest augmented reality app innovations to create the engaging app experience. 

The result? 3.5 cumulative days spent in the app before the keynote, and not a spare seat in the auditorium during.

Click the links to download the trigger and install the app.