Discover the possibilities

of augmented reality

Auras? Blips? Google Glass? Whichever name you know it, augmented reality (AR) enhances the real world by overlaying otherwise invisible digital content.

That additional data can be text, audio, video, interactive 3D models or a combination of them all. It’s added over the real world object you’re looking at through your viewfinder.

What you could do with AR.
From educating event delegates on the merits of cloud technology to business card-style elevator pitch videos and even next generation gaming, AR can be used for many purposes. And when planned and used correctly, it has the power to wow audiences and make your content ‘sticky’.

We do it better.
Compared to other ‘universal’ AR offerings, ours is different. We bake the content into the app, which means it loads instantly rather than buffering and streaming in from an external server. Give it a try by downloading ‘EUREKAr’ now.