Video & Content Production

Video & content production

from script to screens

Retaining attention spans is a difficult task in today’s ‘aways on’, multi screen world. Video content is on the increase as a result of being a proven way to drive engagement. In our experience, to get results, your small screen content should have the big screen treatment. 

That’s why we apply the same thought process that goes into our apps to making sure your multimedia content grabs the audience’s attention. Our creative team have produced and directed engaging films for multinationals including the BBC, AT&T and even Cisco’s first ever 3D movie.

From storyboarding and scriptwriting, to animation, live action filming editing and voiceovers, we can create your multimedia content from start to finish.

From the video on the app store (which is a proven way to increasing downloads by showcasing your apps functionality) to marketing trailers and ultimately the in-app content that increases brand engagement and dwell times, we can make you look big on the small screen with the reach and impact it deserves.

Check out our dynamic app teaser we created for Newark’s Civil War Trail to showcase the augmented reality features and takes users through a short but compelling journey leaving them ready to download your app.