Mobile Forms

Filling out forms is a case in point for labour duplication. The data first captured on paper needs then to be entered into a database. And what good is this data if there is no analysis or reporting. 

At Oakley Mobile, we continuously think of ways to help organisations develop a mobile solutions for cost cutting, and achieving faster and  more efficient work processes. 

Our Mobile forms solutions eliminate the paper trails by collecting data once on a smart device. Reports and analysis can then be accessed simply, and data exported quickly and efficiently. The original form is created once on a wysiwyg interface and then deployed to the end users via a customised app.

In a web-based application, users can register a login account to access unlimited forms customised to your business and company needs.

Mobile forms offer several benefits, regardless of your industry:

  • Work offline, and connect online
  • Optimised forms that capture signatures and photos
  • Secure & Compliant
  • Integrates easily with your back-end systems
  • Location based technology
  • Converts all paperwork into easy to use mobile apps so you can do even more with your data.
  • Avoid data duplication
  • Bespoke forms to fit your company needs and branding
  • Create one account to access unlimited forms
  • Eliminate costly miscommunications
  • Minimise human errors
  • Accuracy and security of information
  • Pre-fill form fields with pre-existing data
  • Produce quantitative reports and real time insights from the data you’ve collected
  • Digital signature capabilities
  • Cross platform apps
  • Flexibility in form creation and integration
  • Considerable cost saving benefits in print and distribution
  • Cut the paper trail and be more environmentally friendly
  • Remove the need for paper based form storage.

It’s crucial for users to have a seamlessly integrated portal, thats significantly quicker than pen and paper! Have a look at ‘the snagging app’ we created for iSite to see more on what we can do with mobile forms.