Augmented Reality

Bring your content to life

with augmented reality

Auras? Blips? Google Glass? Whichever name you know augmented reality (AR) by, this innovative solution overlays digital content (text, audio, video, interactive 3D models) over the real world.


Not to be confused with virtual reality, augmented reality is revolutionising many markets and sectors. Couple augmented reality with 3D modelling and prototypes can be put in the hands of users before production. Augmented reality is also revolutionising printed materials by turning traditional media like business cards and brochures into dynamic multimedia experiences. When deployed and planned correctly augmented reality has the power and potential to wow audiences and make your content truly memorable.

Augmented Reality is an emerging technology that brings new communication and interactive opportunities. Augmented reality can have a profound impact on your sales and marketing, whilst building brand awareness, encourages users to get social and connect with you.

Compared to other ‘universal’ AR offerings, our augmented reality development is different. We bake all of the content into the app, which means it loads instantly rather than buffering and streaming in from an external server.

To demonstrate the possibilities of Augmented Reality we have built our very own AR app 'EUREKAr'.

Click here to download EUREKAr now and discover the immense possibilities of Augmented Reality.