3D Modelling

3D modelling for mixed

reality & prototyping

An excellent user experience is often founded on excellent quality visuals. For Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality solutions, Oakley Mobile are able to offer in house 3D model design and animation services, to deliver AAA quality content that delights users. 

Building upon years of experience, Oakley Mobile know how to deliver the best experiences by designing and developing technically excellent mobile apps, coupled with award winning visuals. The end result is a solution that exceeds expectations for you and your business.

From putting prototypes into users hands, to dancing reindeers and even re-building historical buildings such as  16th Century Newark Castle, the possibilities of 3D modelling is endless.

For more information on our 3D modelling and animation services have a look at what we’ve done for the Museum of Lincolnshire Life, and for Newark’s Civil War Trail.