360º Video & Imagery

Turning content around with

360º video and imagery

As a result of our continued r&d into innovative app technology and content delivery, we created Vorbit 360º. An immersive solution that not only captures 360º film and images, but enables users to change their perspective by simply moving their device around. 

Vorbit puts it’s users in the heart of the experience, event or environment. 

As well as exploring the content (with the drag of the mouse on a website browser) Vorbit 360º enables viewers to interact with the content through a wealth of customisable interactive touch points.

Tap and reveal menus, activating additional multimedia, open web browsers, advertising etc the list goes on. Taking your audience on an enhanced journey to find out more information whilst already being engaged with your content.

This experiential platform uses a multi lens camera set up that captures HD footage which is then stitched together and rendered by our fantastic development team to be put into a smartphone, tablet or desktop solution allowing you to interact with environments and immerse yourself in the full 360 degree glory.

But that’s not all. Our team also provide 3D positional audio to recreate the audio and position it exactly the way it would be in the real world, giving you the ultimate end-to-end 360 degree video solution.

It’s entertainment on your own terms, brands are quickly understanding the opportunities that 360 video and interactive imagery provides for both lead generation purposes as well as unique customer experiences.

• Download our app & experience our 360 video and imagery platform.

• To experience 360º video in your on the web, watch the below video using Google Chrome's browser - and visit our YouTube Channel for more