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The travel related apps that we are all familiar with include those for weather, currency converters and giving us directions. But these are just the most basic apps for the mobile traveller.

Statistics show back in 2011, 71% of travel companies did not have a mobile app, however now travel related apps rank as the 7th most downloaded category in app stores. It’s no longer just a handful of customers looking for your brand on app stores - it’s millions!

Whether its displaying scheduling option, making online booking, confirming reservations, or downloading e-tickets, mobile apps are connecting with people all around the world. Travellers are likely to be experiencing your brand on various devices, having travel related apps work offline, provide users with instant updates, GPS offers and location based services (…to name a few) whilst building your brand identity and customer loyalty is only a few ways you and your audience can benefit with a travel app.

Our work in the travel industry includes The London Pass which we originally developed in 2012.  However, with the high demand and popularity of the app being used by over 2 million London tourists - we performed an app audit to make it even more slick and dynamic, with more functionality and improved design to really give tourists something to see!