Improving interactions for

business and pleasure

Augmented Reality presents a way for your delegates to interact hands on with your event. It has the power to inject a new level of hyper-relevance information that we all rely on and can change the way your event is not only launched but can give your audience a unique experience throughout your event.

Most events showcase their keynote speaker with a session synopsis on the website, but we do things differently. For BBC Technology Reporter Kate Russell, we released an attention grabbing front cover of Kate Russell’s new book, paired with the event’s augmented reality app to deliver an exclusive two minute preview of her keynote session. With results was an impressive 3.5 cumulative days spent in the app before the keynote, and not a spare seat in the auditorium, and increasing downloads since the event - our innovative augmented reality app created a lasting and engaging experience.

Our background in apps for events includes being the exclusive app developers and augmented reality specialists for Internet World as part of London Technology Week for both 2013 & 2014. 

But that’s not all. We’ve recently created the Falcon Eye for Expo Milano 2015 who will welcome over 20 million visitors to its 1.1 million square meters exhibition area over a six month period. Of the 140 participating countries, the United Arab Emirates’ Future Business Zone will showcase the best of their technology the the use of Falcon Eye - a highly interactive and memorable app utilising the power of Augmented Reality in a truly unique manner that’s proven to hold delegates’ attention and increase dwell time, whilst reflecting one of the world’s most forward thinking emerging markets.

For more insight into what we can do for events, make sure to get in touch we’d love to help transform your event!