Building mobile foundations

for construction

In construction, there’s a whole lot more going on at these sites than hoisting girders, hammering and moving dirt. 

Adopting a mobile solution, whether it be augmented reality like we’ve done for Zenith and ISG, or mobile forms for iSite, or a mobile app to showcase products like we did for Hewden or something completely bespoke - construction companies are increasingly finding the need to be mobile.

Not only does a mobile app allow you to keep track of your construction teams progress and equipment, but with real time information it can streamline projects, reduce construction delays and bring issues to light that might put projects on hold. Improving communication across teams and stakeholders, increasing back office efficiency and more accurate project documentation in real time with both online and offline access is just the few benefits a mobile app can do for construction.

Our portfolio in the construction industry ranges from showcasing the construction of high profile contracts such as the London 2012 Olympic Velodrome to making over 25,000 products available to hire in a few taps as possible!