Driving efficiencies for

the automotive sector

Motoring is an industry at the forefront of innovation and is no stranger to pioneering new technologies. Cars may not be your first association when you hear mobile technology, but in this revolution, mobile apps - whether its racing games, traffic solutions or fleet management tools provide great business benefits.

Users always want content at their fingertips. Mobile apps in the motoring industry need to provide a slick and useful tool that users can return too - the true power of an app comes with repeat usage.

Our Automotive mobile applications demonstrate affordable and effective ways of improving fuel efficiency, minimising wear and tear and even encouraging responsible driving across an entire fleet.

We have created award-winning mobile apps for some of the biggest names in automotive. Our experience in this industry includes, helping over 1.5 million drivers to keep moving with the latest traffic news with RAC, creating an award-winning solution for Hitachi Fleet including an accident managing platform as well as vehicle maintenance and equipping drivers with as easy to use app that helps both the company and employees. 

Check out our case studies for RAC, Traffic Wales and Hitachi here to see how we went the extra mile for our clients.