Augmented Reality

A new realm of


Augmented Reality is a way of fusing the real and virtual worlds. It’s often seen as a futuristic tool as the technology offers many opportunities to support experiential and location based learning. It’s rapidly moved away from it’s gimmicky association and now provides a solution to many sectors.

Whether its to create amazing interactive print experiences or to empower your sales team with the most effective sales aid. Augmented Reality engages your audience in memorable experiences and serves both your business and your customers.

The multimedia content you can wow your audience with can be text, audio, video, interactive 3D models or even a combination of them all! From educating event delegates to bringing a museum to life, our vast portfolio includes many award-winning Augmented Reality apps that have made each business’s services unique. 

If you want your brand to have a stronger opportunity to encourage word of mouth, Augmented Reality provides an excellent tool, if used correctly. At Oakley Mobile, our development and creative team work closely together on each project to ensure it not only has the wow factor, but fulfils a purpose and provides richer user experience.

Take a look at our Augmented Reality App Development, and our portfolio for more insight into our Augmented Reality apps.