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iPhone X-treme: Are Apple becoming ‘The Crazy Ones’?
Monday September 18, 2017

It’s been a week since the much-anticipated Apple event at the all new Steve Jobs Theatre. Thanks to the rumour mill and so-called ‘leaks’ (which the cynic in me believes is part of Apple’s controlled master plan) there were no big surprises.

As expected, Apple celebrated the iPhone’s 10th birthday with the "futuristic" iPhone X. Since the razamatazz of their latest event, the spotlight has remained on one thing…price.

Reacting to Samsung’s £800+ Galaxy Note 8, Apple have priced the 64gb iPhone X at £999, with their 256gb model costing a whopping £1,149. However, the investment won’t stop there. If you’re a battery watcher (show me an iPhone owner who isn’t) then your interest may have been piqued by the new phone’s claims of 50% charge in just 30 minutes. There’s just one problem, this isn’t going to happen out of the box.

Thanks to the new phone’s shipping with a standard USB-A charger, rather than the more powerful USB-C charger, your faster-charging gadget will cost in excess of a thousand pounds.

Reacting to the $1000 pricing rumours (prior to the iPhone X event), Tim Cook defended the company’s reputation for expensive products. He told Fortune Magazine you can buy an iPad today for under $300. You can buy an iPhone, depending upon which one you select, for in that same kind of ballpark. And so these are not for the rich”.

Despite Tim Cook saying we price for the value of our products” there’s no denying they are holding their latest innovation’s to ransom. Considering the acquisitions and R&D responsible for FaceID and ARkit, these financial demands may be justified in some people’s eyes.

To steal words from the opening line of Apple’s famous ‘Think Different’ advert, I for one won’t be one of the ‘crazy ones’ shelling out £1000. It’s a first for an iPhone to be priced this high and time will tell if this is a mistake. Speaking of mistakes, I can’t help thinking they haven’t learned from the past.

“We were less than ninety days from being insolvent” said Steve Jobs after returning to the business in 1997 (twelve years after being sacked from his own company).

Without Jobs’ direction, Apple had a dozen variations of the Macintosh, each with different confusing numbers, ranging from 1400 to 9600. When he couldn’t get simple answers to questions like “which one do I tell my friends to buy?” he shouted “THIS IS CRAZY”, grabbed a magic marker, drew a simple product quadrant and slashed their product range by 70%. In doing so, he freed up talented engineers to focus on new innovations, like the iMac (and iPhone) that saved the company from financial doom.

If my calculations are correct (and I’ve triple checked) someone buying a new iPhone has the choice of 16 different models. If you add colour variations to the mix, that number jumps to a staggering 76 choices across the range of SE, 6S, 6Splus, 7, 7plus, 8, 8plus, and X. Spec aside, there is merely twenty millimetres difference between the SE and the X (123.8 vs 143.6mm) does this really warrant 8 different models with two different storage capacities, each with up to five different colours? Maybe it does.

Whilst this strategy is more an indication of how Tim Cook’s capitalising Apple cater for all budgets - I can’t help thinking that this insane paradox of choice would prompt another “THIS IS CRAZY” exclamation from the company’s founder.

Their pricing strategy means I won’t be upgrading for the sake of it. I wonder how many others are already following a similar, not-so-crazy, logic? After a quick office poll, I could be the only one with this opinion. Does that make me a "misfit", or a "rebel"?


Written by Barry R at 16:03