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5 hot mobile technologies you should hook up with
Wednesday January 6, 2016

It’s a known fact that it’s easier to maintain existing client relationships than chase new ones. However, keeping clients happy is no mean feat – especially in todays digital world where users are becoming more demanding and less loyal.

Match-making creative and technology should not be entered into lightly. So, in true Tinder style, we’ve shortlisted 5 of our hottest technologies that have the potential to satisfy both your clients’ desires and their users’ needs.


The Head Turner: Interactive 360º video

360º video and imagery is revolutionizing content. If a one minute video is the equivalent of 1.8million words (according to recent Forrester research) then imagine the power of a 360º video.

Google’s street view first brought 360º photography to the masses, and within the last year both Facebook and YouTube have raised the bar with 360 video playback too. But in our opinion, 360º content is best served on mobile. 

Clicking and dragging 360º web-based content around with your mouse is ok, but navigating 360º content with a mobile device’s gyroscope is as natural as it gets. Add interactive hotspots into the mix, and ‘tour & explore’ navigation, and it’s a marketers dream.  

Download the Vorbit 360º app and the ISG DCC app to explore the possibilities of the tech that’s letting the end users call the shots.


The Jetsetter: VR headsets

Like a geeky kid at a prom, virtual reality has been sitting on the sidelines for far too long. But thanks to advancements in both software and hardware, the technology has finally matured into a real stunner that marketers are swooning over. 

In the last year alone, the VR universe has exploded. Facebook acquired Oculus Rift, Microsoft created HoloLens, and shrouded in mystery is the £542m dollar MagicLeap (backed by Google amongst others). All of which confirms that VR is only going to get better with age. 

In the mean time, VR experiences utilizing the entry-level Google cardboard and Samsung’s Gear VR are transforming tours, gaming, learning, and experiential marketing. As you’ll see from our ‘Carole Nash Experience’, combine VR headsets with 360º video and users are whisked off their feet to new worlds.

Grab yourself a headset or Google cardboard and download the ‘Ride with Ron’ experience now. Bon Voyage!



The Player: Brand gaming

Fun, memorable, and sticky… that’s the sign of a good game. Any marketer worth their salt will know the success of the ‘Dumb Ways to Die’ campaign was the hilarious game and it’s awesome catchy soundtrack. 

What better way to educate kids on the dangers of railway tracks than a game that involves “eating medicine out of date” and “using your private parts as piranha bait”. Genius!

Whether your campaign duration is a one night stand, a brief encounter, or a lifelong relationship, producing a game, brain teaser, challenge etc (with the right proposition) could be the best way to generate brand and social engagement.

As you’ll see from our ‘Keep it up b*llend’ game for YouTube sensation KSI, games don’t need to be Angry Birds, but it’s a sure fire way to avoid an angry client.



The Illusionist: Augmented reality

Integrating augmented reality into your next campaign could be one way to avoid clients disappearing.

The technology may have been on the circuit for a few years, however used correctly (like we’ve done for many of our clients) augmented reality does deserve it’s place in a marketer’s bag of tricks.

To date, we’ve turned printed media into multimedia, made presenters magically appear from behind event stands, teleported audiences back through time, and put prototypes in users’ hands before they’ve been made.

So what’s our secret? Well, we just don’t use off-the-shelf smoke and mirror solutions like some ‘great pretenders’ do. It really is quite simple when you know how!

Watch our event banner come to life with our augmented reality demo app EUREKAr! 



The Multi-Tasker: Native apps

Bulging with more muscle and possibilities than a mobile website on steroids, native apps are the Swiss-army commandos of the digital world. 

From event agendas, digital forms and enterprise efficiency tools, to traffic solutions, location mapping and tour guides, we’ve developed a myriad of apps that have enabled brands to integrate themselves into their customers’ and prospects’ everyday lives. 

Some apps become so vital that users couldn’t live without them. In our opinion, that’s a powerful proposition for any brand to seriously consider. 

Check out our portfolio to discover more.


Dorien Gray or Christian Grey?

It’s easy to get all hot and flustered over new technologies, but rushing in like a love struck teenager can end disastrously. Match-making client objectives with the right technology and proposition is one of our fortes, and we’d like to think our track record speaks volumes. 

Your competitors are ready to swipe your clients away in a heartbeat, so making yourself and your digital portfolio desirable is business critical. 


Fancy a date?

Whether you’re looking for different ways to impress or add new strings to your digital bow, we can help. If you’d like to hook up with us for technology demo and chat about having a meaningful relationship we'd love to talk to you. 

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Written by Barry R at 09:56