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Can pixels and paper coexist?
Friday January 22, 2016


Following Faber & Faber’s CEO challenging the publishing industry to respond to the rapid increase in smartphone use, we look at the top hot technologies perfect for enhancing ink.

The print industry has proved it’s here to stay. Many people believed that digital media such as apps and ebooks would lead to the death of printed literature. How wrong they were. Yes digital book sales in the UK have increased year on year, but printed literature still remains the format of choice with more than 83% of all book sales being for printed books (The Publishers Association).

Now, it’s not all about books, although we have produced some stunning book companion apps too. Whether you print newspapers, magazines or novel business cards, mobile technologies can enhance and add value to the end user’s experience. 

However, it’s easy to get all hot and flustered over new technologies. Rushing in like a love struck teenager can end disastrously. Match-making print with pixel-based technology to improve engagement is one of our fortes. In true Tinder style, we’ve shortlisted the top technologies perfect for transforming printed media into multimedia masterpieces.


The Illusionist:
Augmented Reality

Augmented reality apps bring print to life by simply overlaying digital content upon the real world. This magical experience stuns audiences by inviting them into a world of interactivity that literally never existed before. 

We’ve brought to life exhibition stands and business cards by making presenters appear before your very eyes. As our case studies for BBC Technology Reporter Kate Russell, KSI and Professor Green showcase, corporate collateral and celebrity autobiographies can be enhanced by video with this amazing technology.

Watch our event banner come to life with our augmented reality demo app EUREKAr! 


The Head Turner:
360º video and imagery

Google’s street view started it, YouTube followed, and recently Facebook jumped on the spherical bandwagon too - 360º video and imagery is - without doubt - revolutionizing content. If a one minute video is the equivalent of 1.8million words (according to recent Forrester research) then imagine the power of a 360º video.

Triggered from print by augmented reality, 360º video can transport readers off the printed page to a whole new world. Whether they’re reading about a beach resort to an adrenaline junky experience, 360º content really can take them there.

Desktop 360º content is good but navigating 360º video by simply moving your mobile device around (using the in-built gyroscope) is as natural as it gets. Add interactive hotspots into the mix, or ‘tour & explore’ navigation, and it’s a publisher’s dream. 

Download the Vorbit 360º app and the ISG DCC app to explore the possibilities


The Jetsetter:
Virtual Reality Headsets

Like a geeky kid at a prom, virtual reality has been sitting on the sidelines for far too long. But thanks to recent advancements in both software and hardware, the technology has finally matured into a real stunner that many sectors are swooning over.

If you were won over by head-turning 360º video, then we’ll blow your mind with virtual reality. From entry level google cardboard headsets, to Samsung’s Gear VR and Oculus’ Rift, virtual reality headsets immerse and overwhelm senses with sights and sounds. 

Whether it’s a 3D virtual prehistoric world or a real world 150mph superbike experience, take your readers to another level with a virtual reality headset app.


The Player:
Interactive games

Why limit the fun to the printed page? As our app for YouTube sensation Alfie Deyes proves, users can begin an experience on the page and then bring it to life and play with it through the app. Integrate social media and your reach is extended even further. 

For rapper and FIFA comentator KSI, we produced a Keepy Uppy game to compliment features within his fun autobiography. 

As you’ll see from our ‘Keep it up b*llend’ game, in-app games don’t need to be Angry Birds, but they’re a sure fire way to drive engagement…and revenue opportunities.


Fancy a date?

Whether you’re looking to supplement your supplements, transform page turners into head turners or add new digital revenue streams to your printed pipeline, there really is a mobile app technology that will bring your print to life. 

We’d love to show you our solutions up close and personal. Contact us today to discover more and we’ll hook up.


Written by Barry R at 10:14