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Which digital marketing trends will impact digital marketing agencies
Thursday January 21, 2016

A recent Forbes article predicts that this year will be a great year for digital marketing. There is an exciting opportunity for digital marketing agencies to provide new and creative solutions using the latest technology. 

So what are these opportunities and what does the rest of this year hold in store for digital marketing?

Apps boom!

The way in which people are consuming marketing communications and content is constantly changing. As a result, more and more businesses are incorporating Apps into their marketing campaigns. We know that more content is being read on mobile phones, rather than on a desktop. This has led to marketers needing to find new ways to deliver marketing campaigns, which is where App development comes into play.

Mobile websites of course still have their place, but they still play second fiddle to the incredible functionality that apps can offer, such as augmented reality, 360º and gaming, the possibilities are vast. The challenge for marketing agencies will be to come up with new and creative ideas to utilise the new technologies available. 

Mobile domination

This goes hand in hand with the aforementioned app explosion. Not only did Google announce that mobile traffic overtook desktop traffic, they also released the “mobilegeddon” algorithm to encourage mobile site optimisation. To quote the Forbes article “it’s clear what side of the fence Google’s on”. The increase in mobile traffic is a clear indication of today’s users’ ‘first screen’.

This has and will continue to change the way in which websites are designed and built. More and more websites are now being designed for mobile use first and desktops second, the complete reverse of how websites were designed only a few years ago. Consumers expect to be able to access everything from their mobile phone. Being presented with a 2nd class mobile version of a site with half the content than the desktop version is not acceptable anymore.

Another key development highlighting the growing importance of mobile is that Google have started indexing in-app content in search results. Which again suggests that mobile apps are the way in which in consumers want to digest content.

Virtual reality triumphs

Virtual Reality has been a fad for many years. It’s come and gone more times that an Uber cab. But with billions of dollars being invested by Google, Facebook and Samsung, virtual reality is here to stay. 

We’ve just put the finishing touches to an adrenalin-fuelled virtual reality experience for a leading insurance provider. This solution combines 360º video, GearVR headset, augmented reality and native mobile technologies to create an event experience that customers will want to re-live, whilst gathering valuable data and brand engagement for the client. 

Virtual reality can bring a campaign to life. Traditional print no longer needs to remain static, content doesn’t need to be written text and campaigns no longer need to be non-interactive. When marketers get it right, they can create unique interactive experiences that are hard to forget and build deeper connections between consumers and brands. The possibilities are endless, which is where the challenge is; coming up with that brilliant idea to utilise this truly innovative technology that will deliver the desired outcome.

How can we help?

Utilising the latest technology to provide innovative solutions for your clients’ marketing campaigns could set your agency apart from the rest. Oakley Mobile are established mobile technology innovators. We are not only expert mobile technology developers; we also come up with inspiring creative ideas that really make an impact.

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Written by Bev M at 17:26