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#1 in the app store: Alfie Deyes’ Scrapbook of My Life app.
Friday April 29, 2016

At the time of writing, the brand new app THE SCRAPBOOK OF MY LIFE from the best-selling author and YouTube talent ALFIE DEYES is not only topping the app store’s book listing….it’s knocked Amazon’s Kindle app off the top spot too. Booyah!

Designed to work alongside THE SCRAPBOOK OF MY LIFE book brought to you by the creators of the #1 best-selling apps in THE POINTLESS BOOK series, the awesome app developed by the clever clogs at Oakley Mobile, uses augmented reality and other cool geeky goodness to watch Alfie as you’ve never seen him before.

From his childhood shenanigans to more recent memories, the app is packed with exclusive fun videos and photo galleries. The app is the perfect companion to THE SCRAPBOOK OF MY LIFE book offering an insight into the Alfie Deyes POINTLESS series.

Still reading? What are you waiting for? Get you and your device over to the appstores now and let the madness begin! Oh, and if you want to top the appstores like Alfie and Blink Publishers, get in touch with the awesome app team at Oakley Mobile today.


Written by Barry R at 12:02