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Could marketers learn a thing or two from the medical profession?
Tuesday April 26, 2016

One of the biggest challenges in the world of marketing today is creating content that is engaging and memorable. Marketers are constantly striving to find new ways to make their content stand out and be more visually engaging, through creating eye-catching design and utilising different formats such as video, infographics and animation. But even these mediums, which were once new, fresh and exciting, are now old hat.

Perhaps marketers should be looking at other industries for inspiration on how to engage better with their target audience. The medical industry has been pioneering new mediums to treat patients. A recent study conducted by University College London, is using Virtual Reality (VR) to treat patients suffering from depression.

Another example is being practiced by psychology professor, Skip Rizzo, who is using VR to treat soldiers who are suffering from PTSD. He believes that being able to re-live traumatic moments can help with recovery. And VR is the perfect way of realistically re-creating these moments.

Other applications in the medical profession include remote training and development taking place through the use of 360o video. Only this month, Royal Hospital London broadcast the first ever live surgery using 360o cameras. Medical students from all over the world watched the surgery taking place through VR headsets or via the internet. This revolutionary way to train medical students means that real surgery can be watched in detail as it happens, allowing the viewer to zoom in and see what’s happening from all angles. In fact, they have a better view than if they were in the room.

Perhaps it’s time for marketers to step up and embrace new technologies instead of sticking to what they know.

Could using this revolutionary technology actually make their jobs easier? We believe so. Coming up with new creative ideas that push boundaries is not easy to do over and over again. By using virtual reality or 360o video you can elevate your campaigns to the next level.

Consider the possibilities for your next event for example.

Just as medical students all over the world can watch (and learn) surgery as if they are actually in the room, your delegates can interact with your event without being there in person. And interaction doesn’t need to be taken on a specific date, widening the reach and reducing the limitations. The creative possibilities are exciting. We believe now is the time to start embracing this technology, just as the medical profession have done so.

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Written by Bev M at 13:04