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It's Showtime - Give Your App The Red Carpet Entrance
Wednesday March 25, 2015

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When it comes to building buzz and monetising apps, nothing plays as significant a role as a compelling video to grab people’s attention and promote your app.

We are seeing more and more companies introducing mobile apps into their marketing communications mix.  While there is certainly the demand for mobile content (Gartner predicts by 2016 we will have downloaded 305 billion apps), the explosion in the number of available apps on the crowded app stores brings with it a challenge – how will my app be found?

Simply put, a few screenshots and a wordy explanation isn’t enough to make your app stand out.

Make an entrance

A great way of introducing your app to the world is to create an engaging app trailer that takes viewers through a short but compelling journey leaving them ready to download your app.

Recently Apple joined Google by introducing app videos to showcase on the app store. This gives your audience a visual introduction, whilst demonstrating the benefits of using your app, hence triggering the urge to buy/download your app… after all, seeing is believing.

To understand a little more closely what we mean by an app teaser trailer take a look at what we did for Panduit's Enterprise D.C Augmented Reality app that was showcased at a red carpet event in Cannes, giving the audience a taste of what to expect in its release.

The biggest app trailer blunders are usually because they’re overly technical, too long or just not engaging enough. Yes, creating a video takes a little more effort but it can be of tremendous value when you begin pitching your app.

The bigger picture

So with this in mind, we decided to take a quick poll around the office of our 5 favourite forward thinking app trailers that deliver an effective message.

Each app trailer we’ve chosen has a different purpose, budget and message, with the same goal - to encourage downloads. So whether you’re after simplicity and functionality, want a celebrity advocate or prefer pure animation, here’s our top 5, in no particular order of course…

Dumb Ways To Die

A game with a serious message from Metro to be safe around trains, great animation and a theme song that you’ll find yourself humming along to. With over 50 million downloads on Android alone, Dumb Ways to Die ticks the boxes for keeping viewers engaged, through a clever glimpse of the characters encountering mini game scenarios whilst delivering an important message.


With lots of photo editing apps out there it raises the question… what makes Enlight any different? The reason why this app is on top of the charts for paid apps is because the app trailer clearly demonstrates its functionality in a simple and straightforward manner. Enlight shows its viewers how easy it is to turn an image into a professional picture. Through a short and effective tutorial of the apps features and its results, it shows how anyone can be a trendsetter and edit like a pro!

Game of War

Game of War showcases that there are many different ways to promote an app trailer. For those with a high-end budget and would like a leading celebrity to promote an epic fight battle to defeat mythical beasts on TV around the world for instance, this is a great example. The fact that there is a series of Hollywood productions TV adverts promoting the app, alongside 10-50million Android downloads shows just how powerful an app trailer can be.


Animation is far from the only creative way to spread the word about your app… A simple yet powerful trailer captures modern day life with a boy meets girl story (a tale as old as time). With a catchy tune and a stylish way of showcasing the networking app features. The trailer cleverly shows how users can apply Path to their lives by using the platform as a communication tool to share the special moments of their lives.


Give the users what they want to see… Show the device and app in use and it can instantly strike a chord with your audience. Clear demonstrate how effective their app is to make life more organised with the touch of a few buttons. With an app trailer that saves time by focusing on functionality, it puts its message into action. Stop stalling and start organising.

Remember, done right, an app trailer can build buzz and introduce your app to new audiences. What mobile app trailers have caught your eye?

If you're considering an app trailer to go with a new app, contact us for more information on app development and content production services.



Written by Jaina K at 00:00