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360 Video: Evolution or Revolution?
Thursday March 19, 2015


From YouTube and Vimeo to iPlayer, Netflix, the rise of on demand TV etc, even our Facebook feeds are all rife with video clips. Social media campaigns like the Ice Bucket Challenge could never have been so successful without video.

A sign that streaming video has become so engrained in our lives is in EE’s latest advertising campaign. Featuring Kevin Bacon and the ‘buffer face’. This highlights how impatient we get when mobile networks struggle to stream even for a few seconds.

Video is the norm. According to Forrester Research, an online video is worth 1.8 million words, so is it time to say goodbye to the pictures that say only a thousand?

So, how do you improve something that isn’t broken?

It’s no mistake that Apple’s address is ‘One Infinite Loop, Cupertino’. Their mantra to continually innovate and evolve is so embedded within their culture that even their campus is appropriately named.

Video is evolving and with Vorbit 360 it revolves around you.

360º video has become such a great tool that it’s been reported YouTube have now added a feature to support 360º videos, showing that its not only a powerful experiential platform… but that its here to stay.

If 75% of people are known to make a purchase after watching a normal video, will that stat increase when it’s 360º video?

Today’s video may be ‘on demand’, but Vorbit is on your terms. Users can take control of what they see, manage their viewpoint… just like in the real world.

But Vorbit 360º isn’t just about video. Remember earlier when I said that a picture is worth a thousand words? What if that image was interactive and engulfed your senses with video and audio? Well with Vorbit that’s possible too, as you will see from the interactive T20 Cricket Final on our website.

Video didn’t kill the photograph, and Vorbit won’t kill traditional video. But if you want to give your viewers an immersive experience that they won’t forget then don’t just film it… Vorbit!

Written by Jaina K at 00:00