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Does The Apple Watch Need More Time?
Tuesday April 14, 2015

Apple Watch Iwatch 7

The fanatics…

Like my brother (and many others I know) have already measured their wrists to pre-order their Apple Watch, showing that loyalty plays a key factor in the predictions of sales we all keep hearing about.

It’s becoming ‘a thing’ - if Apple have created it, it must be worth purchasing. People (like my friends for instance) are willing to purchase the Apple Watch without watching the Keynote or understanding every last detail about its functionality. It’s no longer just a technology product, it’s a luxury item that shows strength of the brand and the prestige of owning one.

Thinking beyond the first release of the Apple Watch allows us to assume many more possibilities will be presented in the future. Will the Apple Watch begin to facilitate the flow of our lives and bring us new experiences?

If it’s true that the past informs the future, Apple fans will expect no different than sky high sales alongside Apple causing an industry rivalry in the wearable department. 

For the marketers…

The Apple Watch is about starting new relationships, enhancing on-going ones and creating a seamless cross platform experience.

Having that flexibility may be the challenge for brands who want to effectively reach consumers across multiple screens.

Although some may see the first Apple Watch as nothing but a glorified pager, in this pre-mainstream phase it displays real opportunities. For instance, delivery drivers will be able to see last minute route changes, doctors could receive more refined alerts, and shopaholics could get location based offers, when and how they choose.

On the surface it does mean marketers will need to refine their messaging and cut the waffle… Twitter in particular has already made marketers sharpen their messaging with the 140 character limit on a tweet - but how many characters will you be able to fit on an Apple Watch?

Be Pushy.

The Apple Watch will need to be more intuitive with push notifications as it’s the primary source of communication. With the Apple Watch being a second screen (to the app being previously installed on users iPhones or iPads) suggests marketers will need to develop content that is personal, relevant and useful in a non-intrusive manner.

The more obvious uses for Apple Watch apps at the moment ranges from pedestrian navigation, location based services, personalised news, health, and even apps that quite literally open doors or help you find where you parked your car (it only happened once, honest!). 

With many more uses being thought of since Tim Cook’s Keynote, other factors such as the Apple Watch being less obvious and rude to glance at in meetings, decreasing the shatter screen problem most of us have experienced at some point, the use of Apple Pay and many more factors could sway the sceptics.

After all, Apple’s first iPhone model not only revolutionised the tech world, but gave us a whole new ecosystem and a new marketing platform. Whose to say the same won’t happen with Apple Watch? Or could this be another Google Glass scenario? With the evolution of the Apple Watch and endless possibilities, it will be interesting to see what developers (like us) ‘cook’ up for marketers like you.


Written by Jaina K at 00:00