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Scanned By Me… by us!
Monday November 11, 2013

Scanned By Me NEWS

In short, Scanned By Me fuses together QR codes, native apps and a sophisticated content management system to link shoppers to the things they love.

QR codes typically take users to a website page or a single download. But Scanned by Me goes further. Instead of taking a user to a website, Scanned By Me codes take users to a branded in-app page which features product images, multimedia, stock availability, a store's location, associated products and much more. All of which allows businesses to run marketing campaigns or publish catalogues that won't go out of date. 

Customers can also add products they've seen to an in-app wish list that their friends or family can then log into and buy - great for weddings and those infinite 'Dear Santa' letters. Behind the scenes, the back end system enables businesses to update information which means product information is always fresh - even if the advert (which featured the QR code) is a few months old.

Back in 2012, Trevor Draper - owner of the Billericay Cookshop - approached us to developed the tool to help businesses drive footfall to their door or website respectively. As Trevor explains, the strategy behind Scanned By Me is two fold, "it helps drive mobile savvy customers back to the high street, whilst helping retailers become 'e-tailers' at a cost they can afford".

In addition to the app and back end technology, our creative division created the Scanned By Me brand identity and microsite. "Oakley have been instrumental in bringing my vision for Scanned By Me to life' Trevor said.

The iOS app can be downloaded here and will be launched for Android in 2014.

Discover more about Scanned By Me and it's use cases at or you can call us directly at Oakley Towers for Scanned By Me sales enquiries.

Written by Jaina K at 00:00