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Eurekar! It's live!
Thursday March 21, 2013

EUREKA Augmentedreality

Visit our EUREKAr page to download the triggers and to find the links to the Play and Apple store.

So what is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality is an interactive live view of a physical world. By simply pointing the app's viewfinder at an object (the app recognises) will initiate the interactive content.

Still confused? Check out our YouTube channel to see it in action at the Cannes debut of Panduit's Enterprise D.C app.

EUREKAr demonstrates just some of the Augmented Reality possibilities. Some people see Augmented Reality as a short-term trick, but we don't agree. We have already placed Augmented Reality at the core of long-term marketing campaigns for global blue-chips including Cisco.

Click here to visit the EUREKAr page >

Written by Jaina K at 00:00