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Monday July 8, 2013

Qr Code

Just a few years after QR codes first appeared in the U.K. a series of mixed messages started to circulate, spreading uncertainty about their usage, popularity and their future. On one hand some said these were not widely understood and  pointless and on the other, companies such as Coca Cola, Nike and Ralph Lauren  opposed that thought and utilized the 2-D codes superbly to great effect.

Up until now there have been minor innovations in regards to their usage but they are still somewhat undefined. So what is the future of the quick response code?

It is often said that two heads are better than one. This has never been more true for mazeQR , and Oakley Mobile.

MazeQR is the only company to date that translates their clients’ brands into interactive two dimensional code.

The natural progression of QR code technology after being so widely used, seems to point towards B2C convenience. Having interactivity embedded in aspects of an enterprise’s brand to service clients and potential clients in a personalized manner makes perfect business sense.

For example a Lloyds TSB banking customer could obtain current exchange rates without the inconvenience of queuing inside the institution by just scanning Lloyds horse Logo, in the form of a dotted matrix.  The most impressive thing is the ability to have the same maze code prompting different objectives.

Scan the one maze code and be led online to view what banking services are available to you.  And another could see Nigel Havers pop out from their iPad as a personal compere while Eliza’s Aria plays in the background. All made possible through the intricate services and unique partnership of MazeQR and Oakley Mobile.

For more information about MazeQR and Oakley Mobile’s partnership – and what it means for businesses like yours – click here

Written by Jaina K at 00:00

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