Oakley Mobile launches Vorbit 360 Video Service

Essex, U.K. – Jan.19th, 2015 - Oakley Mobile Ltd today announced the launch of Vorbit 360º, its 360º video and stills content preparation service.

Vorbit 360 provides companies with an innovative new way of engaging with their customers through 360º video and interactive imagery via the web, mobile devices as well as Oculus Rift

Vorbit 360 provides the opportunity for companies to connect with their target audiences in a much deeper way - allowing consumers, for example, to not only watch videos, but move around the environment in the same way that they currently view the real world,” says John Gladman, managing director of Oakley Mobile.

Using Vorbit 360, consumers are able to view footage from the angle and perspective of their choosing. While brands, on the other hand, are able to deliver a much more creative and interactive experience with their audience. Vorbit uses either the gyroscope or accelerometer technology found in most smartphones and tablets (or a mouse if viewed in a web browser).

With video production costs at a point where 360º video is more affordable for companies both large and small, it is rapidly enabling people to interact much more online.

To set up a Vorbit 360 demo please email marketing@o-mobile.co.uk or to find out more about Vorbit and to view case studies visit: www.vorbit.co.uk.

About Oakley Mobile

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For more information contact: marketing@o-mobile.co.uk.