Oakley Mobile join Gadget Show Host to launch Newark's 'Silicon Forest'

Oakley Mobile's Technical Director Andrew Sharples and Creative Director Barry Richardson join Jason Bradbury at the launch of the District's inaugural technology event.

On Tuesday 13th October more than 100 people attended the inaugural Silicon Forest - a major project to establish Newark & Sherwood as a centre of excellence for innovation and technology.

Keynote speaker - Channel 5’s Gadget Show host Jason Bradbury - opened the event with a dynamic keynote explaining that the innovation achieved within the last 1000 years will be exceeded within the next ten.

Jasonbradbury Siliconforest

“People don’t understand that farmers are engineers so even from early on, technology has been in the DNA of Newark and technologically the town is constantly surprising us.”

The Silicon Forest event organisers invited Oakley Mobile along to offer their expertise following the Royal opening and success of Newark’s National Civil War Trail augmented reality app.

Both Technical Director Andrew Sharples and Creative Director Barry Richardson held a number of sessions offering their knowledge of using cutting edge technologies in a considered way for engaging business and cultural experiences.

Andrew Sharples said “having the opportunity to inspire today’s business owners and tomorrow’s developers to embrace technology was fantastic”.