KSI's app and book launches!

The unveil of KSI's Augmented Reality app

Last night, KSI (comedian, rapper and video game commentator) currently rated 10th biggest global YouTube star officially launched his book “I Am A Bellend”… and now that it’s launched we are very excited to unveil that we collaborated with KSI and his publisher to develop an exclusive app to unlock augmented reality content throughout his book.

KSI and his editorial and marketing teams wanted to give his fans a little something extra… and that’s where we come in. The app triggers exclusive videos by pointing the smartphone’s camera at images within the book. But that’s not all. As KSI’s rise to stardom began with his passion for FIFA, we thought his fans would appreciate a keepy-uppy style mini football game (Keep It Up Bellend), where users get to control KSI as he performs football moves around his bedroom - home to the many YouTube videos he’s shared. 

The addictive and fun football game is filled with comedic sound clips, mug shots, puppet style animation and personal insults from KSI himself, making the game entertaining and fun for everyone, not just football fanatics!

The app also provides the first chapter of KSI’s book for eager fans and those wishing to find out how KSI became a “YouTube Kingpin”. 

For more information on the project, read our case study here.

Download KSI’s app on Apple & Android.

Find out more about KSI’s “I Am A Bell End” book/app here.