Evolving creatively:

The challenge of rising expectations and short attention spans

In today's fast-paced mobile-savvy world, nothing stays the same for long. Each month we hear about new phones, tablets, and dare I say it… 'phablets'! Platforms evolve, new social media channels emerge…and everyday there's an update to install.

But the one thing that doesn't change, are the precious seconds to capture your audiences attention. If you're launching a new service into a saturated market, you'll need a loud, powerful differentiator. If you're taking a new product to market then your marketing needs clout.

So, content is still king. But often overlooked, that content needs to be optimised for the user's device too. There's little point in having a loud differentiator if you have to pinch and zoom first to read it.

Our services have evolved to reflect the growing mobile needs of start-ups and global organisations alike. In addition to cross-platform app development, user interface design and branding, our digital eco-system of solutions enable you to engage with your audience effectively.

Content Production:

Whether you require an epic marketing viral or an educational voiceover, we can write and produce your multimedia content. Just because it's on a small screen doesn't mean it doesn't deserve the big screen treatment.


From media-rich interactive brochures and magazines to educational eBooks, we can create truly stunning page-turners.

Augmented Reality:

With virtual presenters, 3D interactive videos and much more, we've added a new dimension to; Cisco's event marketing, a BBC Keynote speaker session and a future Formula One driver's app. Download our AR app 'EUREKAr' to discover more.

Responsive Web Design

Also known as adaptive websites, this chameleon-like solution intelligently optimises your site's content to suit the viewing device. If you've ever navigated a desktop site on a mobile device you'll know why this makes sense.  

eMarketing & Social Media

From dynamic eMail marketing campaigns to six second video clips through Vine and Twitter, we can help you market your digital content whilst reaching new prospects.

We've successfully deployed content-rich mobile apps and dynamic campaigns by utilising the latest innovations. But the technologies were used in context - to enhance the communication.

Whilst our expectations rise, our attention spans decrease. So understanding your market, creating considered content and then selecting the right digital tools is paramount to any businesses success. 

Well that's my theory of evolution anyway.

Barry Richardson
Creative Director
Oakley Mobile.

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