Tablet App Development

tablet app


Mobile apps are great at content consumption, however Tablet apps are effective at content creation.

We are award-winning experienced tablet application developers with cross platform development expertise. With the plethora of tablets available in the market, Tablet apps are not a one size fits all solution. Whether it’s Apple’s iPad, iPad retina, iPad mini, Microsoft Surface’s range, or Android tablets including Samsung Galaxy tablets or Google Nexus - we can design tablet apps with the user interface to scale across different widths and stunning HD imagery to ensure your tablet app provides your audience with a seamless and pin-sharp experience.

Tablets are powerful in transforming business operations as the larger screens provide bigger real-estate for you and your audience to play and move around with. As opposed to Mobile apps where it might be tricky to edit, Tablet apps variation of screen sizes are a great asset for remote workers to achieve faster and detailed results. 

Whether tablet apps are created as a training/education tool for your company, or providing efficiency to your workers through mobile forms to avoid data duplication, immersing your audience in 360 video and imagery footage, or even to deliver innovative content through Augmented Reality - tablet apps provides incredible utility and superior performance. 

Have a look at our portfolio to see the wide range of tablet apps we’ve produced for our clients and their ever-growing audience.