Location Based App Development

Location Based

App Development

The Oakley Mobile team have many years experience in location based mobile app development. Location based apps access users mobile networks to leverage exact location via GPS on their mobile devices.

Location based mobile applications not only helps extends the reach of your business, but provides your users with benefits from location based offers to real time updates and information.

Our development team hold rich experience in utilising complex back-end databases and integrating this into a slick mobile app, all with great user experience and user interface.

Whether it’s for marketing, navigation, an information service, tracking, utilising augmented reality or allowing your audience to connect with you on social media or play location based games, we have a broad portfolio of location based solutions to meet clients and their users needs.

From geo-fencing technology for The London Pass to alert visitors with offers based upon their location and traffic solutions for RAC and Traffic Wales providing relevant real-time data on traffic. To taking a whole town on a trail following augmented reality triggers and location services to reveal the town’s heritage. We’ve created mobile apps with location mapping technology accompanied with in-app purchasing platforms to allow users to make the most of their travels.