Enterprise App Development

Enterprise App Development

Oakley Mobile develop and deploy mobile applications for global businesses. Enterprise apps are essentially a complex, scalable, and highly critical business application. They are data centric, user friendly and need to meet the stringent requirements for security, full management capability and also leverage push technology. 

Our enterprise app development services are bespoke to fit your business needs. We can provide you with strategic consulting, experienced cross platform app development on every major platform, award-winning enterprise app expertise in managing complex database integration, and even training your team whether its face-to-face, a web portal hub for employees to access, tutorial videos or step-by-step guides to maximise performance of your enterprise solution. 

We offer an innovative approach to enterprise app development. For RAC we’ve developed an enterprise class server side solution to process real time traffic information, which required a comprehensive back end integration to deliver traffic updates to one of UK’s most progressive motoring organisations.

Our award-winning enterprise app, Hitachi Capital Vehicle Solutions solved a multitude of challenges around the fleet and company vehicle management. From automatically reminding each driver to input mileage updates, MOT and insurance renewals, to providing a tyre finder service, accident manager tool to help drivers capture photos, location data and more, provided Hitachi with a valuable solution.

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