Our Approach

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A lot of companies start by trying to picture the problem. Our approach is a little different - we start with the end result in mind, picturing what it is we want to achieve for you and your users. 

Mobile technologies are advancing fast - as are users’ expectations. So every new app has to not just meet the bar, but exceed it. It takes a lot of different skills to get to that point though. We can offer you the best developers, brilliant creative and strategic thinkers and years of research and development into digital applications and mobile solutions.

Consultancy: Oakley Mobile's consultancy services are there to ensure your solution fully meets your business needs. We will work closely with you to understand your requirements, which allows us to create a full technical scope covering all aspects of the final solution. By providing this consultancy service, we are able to ensure that the final product meets business requirements and user expectation, whilst adhering to agreed timescales and budgets.

Design and content production: Our experienced in house creative team are on hand to ensure your app looks professional, works perfectly, and adheres to the latest mobile app UI standards. We can provide the full range of design services, from app user interface and user experience design, through to brand development and content creation. Oakley Mobile have many years of experience in creating in-app content, including 360º video and stills, green screen and aerial filming.

Development: Our dedicated in house development team will ensure that your mobile app is delivered to a high standard, and ready to be used by millions of app consumers. Working closely with you, and our creative team, our experienced developers will engineer a robust mobile solution capable of fully supporting you and your business requirements. Based exclusively in the UK, our in house developers will be on hand to support you through the app build process. 

Testing: Ensuring that your mobile app works correctly is both an important and complex task. We use industry standard processes to ensure apps are unit tested regularly throughout the development process, before providing the complete solution to you for your acceptance testing. Oakley Mobile is able to test across a wide range of devices to ensure compatibility with devices from all the leading manufacturers. 

Launch: Once your mobile app is complete, we can manage worldwide distribution through all the leading app stores. We can publish on your behalf, or guide you through the steps required to publish yourself. For iOS apps, we will manage all aspects of the Apple approval process, and ensure that your app meets the high standards required by Apple before they approve your app for distribution on the Apple App Store.

On-going Support: Once your app is complete, Oakley Mobile will be on hand to support you long term to ensure your app continues to function as expected on new devices. Ongoing support is an important part of ensuring long term usage of your solution, and continued customer satisfaction. In addition to our first class support, Oakley Mobile will be happy to continuously monitor your app’s performance, and suggest ways to update and enhance your app going forwards, to ensure you remain ahead of your competition.